We like to think of tissue stimulants as liquid face lifts! They are the first injectables to slowly replace lost collagen over time. Like a fine red wine that improves with age, tissue stimulants gradually create subtle change with long-lasting results. It is the facial rejuvenation solution for those wanting to enhance their natural beauty gently and effectively.

We are very lucky here at Ocean Cosmetics as Dr Gina is WA’s industry trainer for our tissue stimulants – this means we have the best of the best available for you! Dr Gina loves these treatments so much – they are a definite favourite of hers. For some excellent before and after shots, click here.
As we get older our skin gradually loses collagen fibres and experiences a reduction in the natural development of proteins – usually resulting in lost volume, signs of facial sagging, development of deep lines and deepening of folds. To combat this, Ocean Cosmetics recommends tissue stimulant fillers as an alternative to traditional dermal fillers in Perth, particularly for treatment of the cheek, jowl and temple area.

Unlike traditional fillers, tissue stimulants increase the body’s production of collagen and can even encourage the restoration of tissue loss. This means that their effects are longer lasting – up to two years.

Enhance your natural beauty with our Tissue Stimulants in Perth

Our tissue stimulant fillers are made from a non-permanent, biodegradable and biocompatible formulation that is injected directly under the skin.

Designed to stimulate natural collagen production and restore skin volume using your bone as a platform, the benefits of our tissue stimulant filler treatments include:

  • Correcting the signs of aging
  • Enhancing facial features and contours
  • Improving elasticity and firmness of the skin
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